We are an independent group of professionals within the UK comics community, working together with the aim of raising awareness of the cultural impact of comics.

We’re here to prove the importance of this beloved and accessible medium, gathering cold hard stats and irrefutable facts to help make the case for better funding, support and recognition.

We warmly welcome partners - both individuals and organisations - from all areas of the comics industry and from adjacent fields (literature, arts, education, academia etc) whose ideals align with our own.


1) Data and Research:

We are gathering studies, analysing existing data and conducting our own research into the cultural value of comics in the UK in terms of the social, psychological and economical impact on both audiences and creators. We will provide easy access to this information for all.

2) Review of Cultural Funding:

Building upon the evidence above, we are making an irrefutable case for the equitable funding of the comics medium at all levels and are beginning conversations with cultural institutions towards redressing the situation.

3) Create an Infrastructure Organisation:

We are laying the groundwork for a non-profit organisation that can help channel funding, opportunities and support towards a greater number of creators, allowing them the time and space to create, as well as working with existing organisations to help achieve common goals.

4) Raise the Profile of Comics in the UK:

We are working to raise the profile of the medium with booksellers, libraries, distributors, galleries and museums, cultural organisations, educators, the media and the general public; working together to understand how we can better reach new audiences.